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Unrestored 1929 GMC Truck

It came in looking like this, and it left looking like this!  The customer had this terrific barn find and wanted to have the worn appearance maintained while being able to drive the truck.  We went and did that, the only visual changes being the new tires and making the hood stay on.  We broke the engine free, poured magic potion in it, rotated it a day later, a day later, a day later.  We made a carb adapter to accept a more reasonable carb than the junk aftermarket piece that was put on it way before I was born, and lots of other stuff.  Fabricated a starter linkage, rewired it, that kind of thing.  It was fun, it was cool.  The owner put the compressor on after he got home and texted me the photos with  this caption; “This is better than any of my shiny trucks!”  1929 GM Truck.

1929-gmc-truck-original-condition-restoration-engine-2 1929-gmc-truck-original-condition-restoration-engine-3



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