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Media Blasting

blastedMost of the classic cars we restore have old paint on them, and it just has to be taken off before we can do much! So we media blast classic, antique, hot rod and muscle cars that come to us for restoration. Any good auto restoration starts with bare steel, and media blasting is the most cost effective way to begin the work. We can completely disassemble your classic car, or simply remove the trim and mask the car for blasting. We are careful and cost effective, getting the car in the best possible place to begin the restoration work.

When refinishing a vehicle, it is best to completely remove existing finishes, bodywork and rust. We have found plastic media and sand blasting to be the best choice under most circumstances. After years of experience, we now do our stripping in house. This allows us to control the quality, cost, and timing of the work. With this system we can safely strip finishes from all automotive substrates.We strip the finishes from the vehicles we restore, as well as helping out folks who are going to do their own work.



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