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Mechanical Auto Restoration

65ChevyCorvetteWhat’s a car if it’s not dependable and fun to drive! Our techs have many, many years of hard won experience that has put them at the top of the classic auto restoration field. Our mechanical restoration technicians have an average of 24 years experience so you know they have seen everything before. And with that kind of experience you’re dealing with a mature, seasoned professional that will be able to get your car the way you want it the first time.

Each of our mechanics has a specialty, and they are all good all-around Journeymen. Look at our staff bio page for each technician’s expertise. If you have an old car, a fast car, a new car, a car with lever action brakes, complicated electrical concerns, custom windshield wiper setup, upgraded suspension, modified engine, or any other concern, we have the right guy, the right equipment, and the right attitude to get things right.

We depend on manufacturer’s specifications to get each vehicle restored to the manufacturer’s standard. We know the numbers, the techniques, and the parts that are right for your application. Our administrative staff has great experience researching the peculiar needs of each vehicle. And if we don’t have the answer ourselves, we know who to ask.

55desoto2We have top quality tire and wheel equipment, and most of the special tools required for each operation. We’ve been at this a long time, we like what we do, and we can hardly wait to help you get your car just right for the right price.

“Man, what a terrific example of great mechanical resto-mod work. I can’t think of a cooler set-up than this Willys Wagon. The client brought us a non-operative Willys that he had fallen in love with, and started asking questions. “Can I have a modern cool old Willys? Can it be fast? Dependable? Can it have air conditioning, power disc brakes, power steering, big stereo, big tires, nice paint, new interior, chrome, updated electricals, tilt steering, and a great warranty?”

What could I say? I said yes to the whole thing because the customer was such a great guy, I love Willys trucks, I love updating vehicles. Well, we just love the whole deal. From Willys restoration to Willys customization, we’re happy to help.

And then he said he has two big sons, can we put air ride assist in the rear so he can pile the truck full of guys and gear for big trips. Another big yes from me!”



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