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Classic Car Restoration

One thing that can really enhance the driving experience with your restored classic car is mechanical upgrades.

packard_40_01When your classic car restoration is underway, you may want to carefully consider the option of an engine upgrade, brake system upgrade, transmission upgrade, or suspension upgrade. Your car was great to drive by the standards of the day when it was built, but that day was a long time ago! Technology has changed quite a bit since then. An antique classic car restoration is a great thing, and everyone loves a true original classic, but more and more people every year are asking for these upgrades. If your goal is an all-original classic car restoration, go to another page on our really cool website! But if you’re looking to modernize your classic car, read on!

One question we get a lot is how mechanical upgrades to a classic car restoration affect the vehicle’s value. Good question! The value of a car is very close to the most important thing about it, really. Think about it, if you had more money, you’d have more cars! So let’s make sure we are thoughtful with the money. If you’re going to spend money you’ll never see again, that’s OK, but I’d like to make sure the discussion has been easy so you can make the right decision for you.

Bottom line on the value, though; if it’s cool, then it’s OK for the resale value. If the car has terrific value as an original, which is fairly rare, then it’s a shame to hurt the originality of the car. But most cars aren’t Barrett-Jackson six figure collector cars, so it’s just fine to update them. Like I said above, let’s talk and I’ll be able to make some good recommendations.

A few years ago, though, this wasn’t true. If you changed a car at all it always hurt the value. But these days most of us want cars that are more fun to drive; disc brakes, more efficient and powerful engines, better highway speed at lower RPM, and good handling.



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