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Auto Interior Restoration

thumb5Hey, you have to sit down to drive! So we restore interiors right here along with the rest of the work you need. We have restored interiors in just about every car made from Corvettes, Chevelles, Camaros, Cadillacs, old Fords, Mercurys, DeSotos, Buicks, Packards, and Cords. We can restore the dash, the seats, the quarter panels, door panels, headliners, sail panels, the entire job. We usually try to install new interior parts that are pre-made, but we are fully versed in complete custom interior restoration and fabrication.

Interior work is the last department we brought in-house, in 2000. We wanted to provide quality work on time and on budget, and doing it ourselves was the only way we could guarantee this. Our success with upholstery work is based on our terrific facility, good staff, our flexible and creative designs, quality, timely delivery and good value.

We have found that the industry has great variations in cost, especially when it comes to interior work. Our goal is to be the most trusted shop in the industry. In order to do this we have controlled our cost so that we can provide great value; nobody likes to feel that their money is being wasted.

Meeting customer expectations is key in our work. From the beginning of the job we present each customer with a clear, concise estimate, and we stick to it. We carefully describe the work, providing sketches and samples when appropriate so that there are no surprises during the job! low are some examples of interior work done right.

Below are some examples of interior work done right. That’s what we like to do, and we hope we can do some for you.



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