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How We Work

Step 1 – Conversations!

69_datsun_01There’s no such thing as a typical auto restoration job, but here’s what might happen to a vehicle when we work on it.

As mentioned before, our desire is to serve the customer, so every job is different. The most important step in every job is the initial customer contact. In these first conversations we get all the information- what exactly the customer wants down to the last detail; quality, scope, price, schedule, color, engine work if any, etc. If the job is a custom or hot rod, we get into all the details of the type of driving the customer does, speed, frequency, vehicle stance, type of suspension etc. Our success depends on happy customers, so we get real clear real early so that any surprises that come up are always good ones. You’ve heard of shops that will not give estimates? That’s not us. We prefer to work from an estimate, but we also do jobs for a predetermined fixed price.

Step 2 – Disassembling


After we get the details in writing we disassemble the vehicle. At our facility, one technician takes the job from start to finish, enlisting the help of the mechanical staff when appropriate. One technician disassembles the car, catalogs all the pieces, arranges for parts, does all the welding, body work, paint and finish work up to the point of final cleanup and delivery. This way there is clear accountability in all aspects of a job.

Step 3 – Body Work

When a vehicle is disassembled, the parts that need replating are sent out, and the body and frame are plastic media blasted to remove all old paint. Rust and body filler are removed by glass bead blasting. The bare metal parts are then etch-primed, primed and any welding is done to repair rust. Any body panels that need to be replaced are welded in at this time. We use a high-quality weld-in primer that protects the weld and surrounding area from rust. Don’t be afraid of a rusty car! Rust is just one more thing that needs to be repaired, and doesn’t need to be looked at as a huge problem.

Step 4 – Painting / Chassis Work

CordOnce the major body work is done the vehicle goes to the paint booth for the paint and clear coats. Then the vehicle is color sanded and buffed.

If chassis work needed to be done, the frame will have been media blasted and painted at the same time as the body. The car is then reassembled, any necessary engine, electrical or interior work being done at the right time in the process.

The vehicle is then cleaned up and delivered!



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