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Corvair Body And Paint Restoration Starts Now

Cool car, fine shape, body and paint restoration, some interior details, new top, glass.  First photos, car as it came in…then it got all took apart!  Plan is to take the car back to the original silver color.

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55 Chevy Restoration Project Begins

Let’s start with mechanical work!  Below are photos of why classic ’55 Chevys get restored: worn ball joints, bad shock mount bushings, bad everything else bushings, leaking steering box, leaking pinion seal.  Don’t worry, this stuff isn’t overwhelming, it’s just stuff to fix.  A complete project plan […]

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Chevy Malibu Restoration, Trim

The trim restoration is complete on the Malibu…the last thing!  Install the trim and the car is ready for final test and tune and delivery. A fancy box and lots of newspaper and bubble wrap for shipping.  All of the finished pieces laid out on the table, […]

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Ford Retractable Restoration Trim And Exhaust

    Exhaust ready to go in.  The heat riser wasn’t available new so we reconditioned a used one we located.   And how it looks installed.     New fender gun sights and license plate light.    

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Malibu Restoration Seatbelts

Start with a really cool Malibu restoration and then try to finish up all of the million little details that really make it right and you get to spend some serious effort on seatbelts.  You can’t get correct new ones for this model, so you get to […]

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Another Week Of Installing Front Clip

    Cutting and fitting and trimming and cutting and fitting and…

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Chevy Luv Restoration, Brakes And Suspension And Others

Front brakes taken from donor vehicle before they are restored and installed.   Restored and installed.   Rear brakes…   The parts to restore the front suspension, brakes and stuff, and the suspension before being restored.   Radiator before and after being re-cored.  This is restoration work, […]

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Doug Jenkins Garage 1960 Chevrolet Corvette Collision Restoration, Front Clip

Another full week of restoration at Doug Jenkins Garage, 1960 Corvette.   The body is mounted, shimmed, and mounts are correctly torqued.  The front clip is in place, being installed.  Engine and mechanical restoration of the Corvette is complete.                

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Doug Jenkins Garage 1956 Chevrolet Nomad Resto Mod; Frame, Paint, Stuff

The Hot Rod Nomad restoration continues at Doug Jenkins Garage. Custom axle welded up, blasted, ready for paint.   Axle, differential, suspension painted gloss black at Doug Jenkins Garage.  Frame will be satin black for contrast.     Nomad frame restoration and customization is complete, media blasted, […]

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Classic Chevy Luv Truck Restoration At Doug Jenkins Garage

    Here’s a front view of the Chevrolet Luv restoration at Doug Jenkins Garage before much of the disassembly was complete.  As of today the truck is completely disassembled, engine out, trim and glass and interior removed and it’s being pressure washed underneath in preparation of […]

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