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1959 Ford Retractable Restoration, Steering

Steering restoration is complete on the ’59 Skyliner.

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1967 Chevy Pickup Restoration

As the 1967 Chevy Pickup Restoration job continues, the chassis/engine installation is coming into shape.  Headers came back from the coating outfit and are installed.   Rear axle assembly restoration for the ’67 Chevy truck is finished.  Rust in the axle tubes was cleaned out, new bearings […]

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1978 Volkswagen Super Beetle Restoration

Well, let’s get right down to business!  1978 Volkswagen Super Beetle is here for body and paint restoration, mechanical restoration, some interior restoration and upgrades, and lots of cool custom touches. Lots of parts have been ordered and there’s plenty of good work to do while we […]

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1963 Corvair Restoration Quarter Panels Removed

Corvair quarter panel rust repair sections removed in preparation for installation of new panels.

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1963 Corvair Body And Paint Restoration, Body Work!

Nice new panels for rust and dent repair. And progress is being made on the doors, hood, and decklid.

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’55 Chevy Suspension Restoration, Engine Upgrade

Old steering column seal, new one. New rear spring shackles/bushings. Rebuilt steering box. New control arm bushings. New EFI ready fuel tank and suspension parts ready to install. Old steering box and new one. New and old bushings. 

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Body Work Complete, High Build Primer Done, 1960 Corvette Collision Restoration

As the ’60 Corvette collision restoration work progresses, these photos show the front clip with the body work complete and the high build primer applied.  About 5 minutes after these photos were taken it started to look different as the block sanding began.

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Cool Brakes 1955 Chevy Restoration

New two-piston master cylinder, power brake booster,drilled front rotors, rebuilt rear drum brakes, new brake lines so that when we get this car going it will stop real good. New radials that fit on the original rims that fit with the updated brakes.

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Engine Installed, 1967 Classic Chevrolet Pickup Restoration

This 1967 Chevy Pickup is getting the resto-mod treatment, including too much motor and enough rear axle to put the power down.  Here’s the limited slip differential carrier before it goes in. Then there are the multitude of niceties that a sweet hot rod pickup deserves, like […]

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Body Finish Work Under Way 1960 Chevy Corvette Restoration

      Good old fashioned body work now.  The hard, time-consuming work is complete.  Now it’s time for the normal, time-consuming work.

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