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Continued Front Fender Modifications

Custom Mazda Auto Restoration

Custom Mazda RX-7 Fabrication

I think this will work better.  After roughing in the custom fiberglass fender fattening, it became apparent that to get the right look we’d have to use the steel fenders.  A more graceful line can be done this way, a look that’s truer to the original shape, and a perfect match to the rear.

Hot Rod Mazda RX-7

Hot Rod Mazda RX-7

By opening up the original fender we can fatten up just the part that matters most, accentuating the original shape of the car and allowing for a super fat front tire.

Hot Rod Mazda RX-7 Fat Fender Project

Hot Rod Mazda RX-7 Fat Fender Project

The rear of the fender gets relived vertically so that the original shape of the fender is maintained while allowing the flare to begin as subtly as possible.


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