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Done, Delivered, And Posted To The Blog

Isn’t this wonderful!  I love happy people, and the car isn’t too bad either.  This is the receiver of the gift of the restored ’71 Beetle.  I worked with the husband via email only while the family was living in another country for a year.  He contacted […]

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Slug Bug In Orange

So, how do you like Blutorange?  Customer likes it, I like it, and now it’s stuck to this ’71 VW Beetle! Cool vintage air cooled VWs were designed to be easy to manufacture.  That makes them easy-ish to restore.  When painting an early Volkswagen everything gets the […]

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I was researching a set of wheels the other day for the ’66 Lincoln and noticed that Dayton, the leading manufacturer of wire wheels, features a car on their site that was built here!  Check… The silver Impala you see there was built here as a promotional […]

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’71 Beetle Restoration Getting Closer To Paint

There’s just a ton of labor that goes into this kind of project!  The last update on this project showed the car after the high-build primer had been applied.  Now it all gets sanded by hand.  The high-build primer is a polyester product that fills small imperfections […]

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Body Work Is Complete

This job is moving along pretty well.  The body restoration on this 1971 Volkswagen is finished, and now it’s in primer.  The next step is to block sand the primer to 320 grit, clean it up, and paint it! These photo updates don’t look much different than […]

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Stripped, Then Primed

So here’s what a ’71 Beetle looks like nekkid.  Glass is out, doors took off, fenders gone, running boards getting replaced.  Not flattering?  Then hide your eyes. So can that boing in the hood be repaired, or is it just gonna get replaced?  Check back next week, […]

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’71 Volkswagen Beetle restoration

I love the internet.  The owner of this project and I met through the website and we’ve handled the entire job so far without a phone call.  He lives in the states but is spending a year abroad and we’re handling the entire job by email. The […]

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