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Assembly Of High Performance Chevy 383

So, you know anything about zinc?  It’s great stuff for early style engines, but bad for the planet.  Oh, well.  Rotella still has high levels of zinc, and that ‘s important for engines with non-roller cams.  Many engine part manufacturers insist on using a zinc additive to […]

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Some More How-To Stuff

OK, a 383 is a 350 with a 400 crank, right?  It is felt that the 350 cylinder wall thickness is better than the thin walls you get when you take the 350 dimensions and bore them enough for 400 CID.  There were also additional steam holes […]

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Muscle Car Engine Buildup

Correct installation of timing gears and chain on a Chevrolet 383 Stroker shows the timing marks lining up correctly. When assembling the Camaro engine it’s important to apply assembly lube to the lifters before installing them. The cylinder head bolts on a Chevrolet engine pass into the […]

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OK, Some More Detail On The “Muscle” Part Of This Muscle Car Engine

When building any engine, but especially a high-performance classic engine, use the right assembly lube and use it right.  Here you can see each lobe and bearing surface gets a good layer of lubrication. Then the cam gets installed in this Chevy 383 Stroker. Then the timing […]

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1969 Camaro Engine Build-Up, Continued

So now this fire-breathing monster is coming into shape!  Gotta love the look of perfect aluminum heads against the Chevy Orange block.  This 1969 Chevrolet Camaro will look great and go terrific when the engine upgrade is complete. When the camshaft comes in it is covered in […]

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Fast 1969 Camaro Moving Along

Ain’t she cute!  This engine block is from the 1969 Chevy Camaro engine wake-up project, so it got some wake-up paint applied this week.  It always looks best to paint the individual components before final assembly so you get nice clean breaks at each gasket. Our paint […]

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I was researching a set of wheels the other day for the ’66 Lincoln and noticed that Dayton, the leading manufacturer of wire wheels, features a car on their site that was built here!  Check… The silver Impala you see there was built here as a promotional […]

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1969 Camaro 383 Stroker Removed, Disassembled.

What a thing of beauty.  No, beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it is an absolute quality, and this mill absolutely has it!  In my earlier post on this engine job I suggested that the engine was a crate item.  Turns out this is […]

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’69 Camaro Gets Its Motor Woke Up!

This is so cool!  A red ’69 Camaro that belongs to a great guy who wants great work done to it.  It’s fast and fun to drive, but why not just make it killer out of control fast and mean sounding.  This Camaro is top quality and […]

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