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1951 Mercury Convertible Getting IFS And Other Great Things

Let’s do the first post like a TV show.  It comes in looking great, gets disassembled, and the parts come in…all in one episode!

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More Progress On 1974 Chevrolet Corvette Interior Restoration

Most of the interior has been assembled while waiting for the remaining parts to complete it.

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Alpha In For Restoration!

It’s always great fun when a new project gets under way.

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More ’74 Corvette Restoration Paint Pics

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Ain’t Paint Cool?


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Bits And Parts And Progress

Part of the street thug look for this hot rod Malibu is Bassett racing wheel style 17″ rims with big meaty rubber.  Bassett builds the NASCAR racing wheels, and it’s an awesome  look, but wouldn’t 17″ be better than 15′?  So Stockton Wheel is custom making some […]

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I was researching a set of wheels the other day for the ’66 Lincoln and noticed that Dayton, the leading manufacturer of wire wheels, features a car on their site that was built here!  Check… The silver Impala you see there was built here as a promotional […]

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’67 Firebird convertible…The very first post!

Hello, hello, can you hear me?  Is this thing turned on?  OK. So thanks for looking in here to my blog.  I’ll keep you updated on all the projects going on here at Doug Jenkins Garage, and I’ll answer any questions you might have.  Do the comment […]

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