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More Happy Trails

OK, so what’s it been, like 2 years this guy’s been driving this thing around the continent?  The Econoline was restored here at Doug Jenkins Garage just about 2 years ago and it hasn’t spent much time resting since.  He drives around like a retired guy for […]

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And The Econoline Gets Back Home To The Frozen North

This photo was taken a couple of weeks after the ’67 Ford Econoline Van restoration project left Doug Jenkins Garage.  Customer flew down from northern Ontario, visited for a couple of days, took Doug to a hockey game, and then drove the long way home.  Word came […]

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Ford Falcon/Econoline Van Completely Complete

Scooby Doo where are you?!!  Everything that was right about the van culture and nothing that was wrong with it is shown here; it’s ready to have as much fun as you can pack into it, but we don’t have acne any longer!  Classic car restoration meets […]

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’67 Ford Falcon Van Getting Done For Monday Delivery

Delivery is scheduled for Monday, customer is flying in from Canada and going to drive this custom ’67 Falcon Van into the snow storm.  I guess it had better get done today, huh? Nice shiny doghouse in this 1967 Ford Falcon Van hot rod, hood pins and […]

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Econoline Interior Coming Into Focus

OK, now we’re getting down to the last little pieces!  The ’67 Ford Econoline Resto-Mod is about ready to zoom, finishing up the interior, ain’t this seat something!  The original plan called for late-model take-out seats from a Cadillac or similar in order to get the built-in […]

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It Runs, It Has Exhaust, The Ford Falcon/Econoline Van Gets An Interior

The Econoline Restoration project is coming to a close.  Delivery of this ’67 Ford is in a couple of weeks and the final details are being completed.  This photo shows the air conditioning installation that will soon be enclosed by a custom made console.  Last chance to […]

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I was researching a set of wheels the other day for the ’66 Lincoln and noticed that Dayton, the leading manufacturer of wire wheels, features a car on their site that was built here!  Check… The silver Impala you see there was built here as a promotional […]

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And Then There Was Power!

This 302 fills the hole nicely, don’t you think?  The Econoline project is moving along towards a March delivery date. Don’t you just love clean work!  This is an automatic overdrive transmission that will really help with good highway speeds, fuel economy, lower heat, and quieter operation.

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1966 Ford Falcon Van, or as the Americans call it, an Econoline!

This one comes from a Canadian, and it’s the Canadian Falcon version of the Ford Econoline.  Same machine, different trim, same potential screaming for customization and updating.  Scooby Doo goes to the arctic! It started out pretty rusty!  Many restoration projects involve heavy rust repair, so it’s […]

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