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1956 Diesel Nomad Restoration Painted

1956 Chevrolet Nomad custom diesel hot rod restoration.  

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1956 Chevy Nomad Custom Paint

Ok, now for some custom paint on the ’56 Chevy Nomad.  Oh, did I mention it’s custom?

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’56 Nomad Final Fit, In The Booth, Blocking

Fit of new core support, body to frame, measuring on the frame rack. Fitting blocking, application of Raderal brand spray polyester/high build primer.  Block that stuff down and the car’s ready for sealing and paint!

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1956 Chevy Nomad Restoration Floor And Soundproofing

Semi-final mounting of body before paint.  The first time is to get everything fabricated right, this time is so that the body is in its final position so that all of the body parts are fit correctly before paint. Pieces ready for final blocking. Awesome floor with […]

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’56 Nomad Body And Paint Restoration Progress

Just good old generic photos of a cool car in a hot shop getting labor done.

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’56 Nomad Duramax Hot Rod Restoration, More Steel Work, Chassis Painted And Assembled

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Doug Jenkins Garage 1956 Chevrolet Nomad Resto Mod; Frame, Paint, Stuff

The Hot Rod Nomad restoration continues at Doug Jenkins Garage. Custom axle welded up, blasted, ready for paint.   Axle, differential, suspension painted gloss black at Doug Jenkins Garage.  Frame will be satin black for contrast.     Nomad frame restoration and customization is complete, media blasted, […]

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Seat, Floor, Firewall Fabrication

Column fitting nicely through new firewall, footwell, and modified pedal assembly.  Pedals will be nicely dressed up when complete.   Front seat modified to fit tunnel, rear seat modified to fit mini tubs.  I’ll get to the new rear floor and partial wheel house replacement in a […]

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Hot Rod Duramax Nomad Firewall

Firewall fits!

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Classic ’56 Chevy Nomad Restoration Firewall Work And Blasted Body Parts

    There, now it’s all Chevrolet…not Chevrolet and who knows what else sprayed on top.  Next is etch primer and sealer.   Cardboard mock-up of firewall.  

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