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Doug Jenkins Garage is the natural outcome of Doug’s love of cool old cars. He originally operated a local garage in Fairbanks, Alaska, and was well known by the great old rides he and his wife had. Years of experience in the arctic building and repairing cars where the temperature extremes weeded out bad work pretty quickly, his shop built a reputation for timely, quality work. Starting with earthmoving and logging equipment, then to medium and light duty vehicles, the shop in Fairbanks moved more and more toward specialty and classic auto restoration over the years.

32five01Right away a challenge presented itself. With Doug’s shop doing such good mechanical work, his customers asked him if he could recommend a body shop with the same high standards of quality and timeliness. After some effort, Doug decided to handle the paint work as well as all the mechanical needs of his customers. It was a grand success.

While all this good work on classic cars was going on, Doug discovered dirt track racing. After several successful years in both stock cars and sprints, the family decided to sell out their business, home and dreams in Alaska and head to the lower forty eight to try professional sprint car racing with the World of Outlaws. Doug, his wife Kerry and two little girls, Robin and Holly, took their suitcases on a plane and never looked back.

Five months and 40,000 miles of driving between races later found the family whipped. Unable to meet the demands of two and three nights a week of racing, the uphill battle of learning so many new tracks, and the incredible expenses involved in racing at that level ruined Doug financially. The family was completely supportive throughout the entire time. Sleeping in the truck or trailer when there was time to sleep, little girls stumbling into truck stops or rest areas with their toothbrushes every morning, no one complained much.

68camcon6Feeling he had failed himself and his family, Doug decided to take the family back to Alaska and start over. But the kids would have nothing of it! They loved St. Louis and the opportunities there, and firmly demanded the family relocate. So, living in a friends’ basement, the family began again in Missouri. Doug broke out his toolbox and went to work.

Using the skills he had gained from the small shop in Fairbanks, Doug met the needs of a friend from Church who had a Nash Healy in need of electrical work. That guy had a friend with a ’37 Cord. That guy had a friend… It was an instant fit. Top quality work, fair price and timely delivery turned out to be an unbeatable combination. Doug Jenkins Garage is still doing the same thing today. Every day is a new opportunity to meet good people with cool cars and make their dream come true.



(314) 422-8209