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’71 Volkswagen Beetle restoration

View of donor car for '71 Volkswagen Beetle restoration.

View of donor car for '71 Volkswagen Beetle restoration.

I love the internet.  The owner of this project and I met through the website and we’ve handled the entire job so far without a phone call.  He lives in the states but is spending a year abroad and we’re handling the entire job by email.

The Task: Find and restore and deliver a sweet Volkswagen Beetle in time for her birthday.

The Steps: What year does she like best/fits the budget?  What color, wheels, seats, sound system?

So I bought a car.  Got a terrific deal on a rust-free 1971 Standard Beetle.  (Rust free is great, but rust repair is often a big part of restoration work.)

This is a photo of the interior before restoration begins on the '71 VW.

This picture shows the interior of the '71 VW Beetle before the restoration begins.

The interior will be completely re-done in a tan color.  The dash will be post-dated to the earlier design without the vinyl cap.

Engine for '71 Beetle restoration.

Engine for '71 Beetle restoration.

The guys at Archway Import Auto Parts sourced the donor car for this project, are supplying the stock but kind of chromy engine, and they have all the parts for the complete restoration.

Now the car is being disassembled and the body work is being done.  Stay tuned to watch this transformation to delivery in the spring!

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