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1979 Volkswagen Convertible Restoration Delivery

The work is complete restoring this 1979 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible.  I swept the floors at a VW dealership when these were new!  Click on the project link if you’d like to see the full job.  It came in with some rust, a nasty convertible top, tired interior, and a customer that was hopelessly in love with it!  New fenders, trim, paint, interior, top…and a happy delivery day at Doug Jenkins Garage.

red-1978-volkswagen-beetle-convertible-restoration-1 red-1978-volkswagen-beetle-convertible-restoration-2 red-1978-volkswagen-beetle-convertible-restoration-3 red-1978-volkswagen-beetle-convertible-restoration-4 red-1978-volkswagen-beetle-convertible-restoration-5



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