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Doug Jenkins Garage 1956 Chevrolet Nomad Resto Mod; Frame, Paint, Stuff

The Hot Rod Nomad restoration continues at Doug Jenkins Garage. Custom axle welded up, blasted, ready for paint.   Axle, differential, suspension painted gloss black at Doug Jenkins Garage.  Frame will be satin black for contrast.     Nomad frame restoration and customization is complete, media blasted, […]

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Seat, Floor, Firewall Fabrication

Column fitting nicely through new firewall, footwell, and modified pedal assembly.  Pedals will be nicely dressed up when complete.   Front seat modified to fit tunnel, rear seat modified to fit mini tubs.  I’ll get to the new rear floor and partial wheel house replacement in a […]

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Hot Rod Duramax Nomad Firewall

Firewall fits!

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Classic ’56 Chevy Nomad Restoration Firewall Work And Blasted Body Parts

    There, now it’s all Chevrolet…not Chevrolet and who knows what else sprayed on top.  Next is etch primer and sealer.   Cardboard mock-up of firewall.  

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1956 Hot Rod Nomad Floors And Stuff

OK, shift linkage is done.  Go ahead, haul on that sucker.  It feels solid and positive. And now that the linkage is so pretty, let’s cover it up with a tunnel.  First thing is to mock up a pattern…   Then cut and weld and grind…  The […]

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Hot Rod Chevy Nomad Restoration Shift Linkage

Well, the cable shift idea got scrubbed due to heat concerns.  The cable would have passed awfully close to the exhaust and everybody hates a melted shift linkage.  So some big pieces got fabbed into a heavy duty lever style linkage that works and feels very good.

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Hot Rod Nomad Restoration, Shifter And Air Cleaner

Bought some shifter parts from Gennie, modified them and built a serious bracket.  Black billet handle.   Big air cleaner hidden in each fenderwell.

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Sexy Fuel Tank For ’56 Nomad Hot Rod, Plumbing, Dip Stick Design

    Fuel tank is plumbed externally now. Fuel is drawn from tank through fuel injector driver (which was converted to AN fittings) to keep it cool, then pre-filtered to protect the pump. From the pump we have a return that bleeds off pressure above 10 psi. […]

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