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1957 Ford Panel Truck

Let’s build a hot rod! –noun Slang an automobile specially built or altered for fast acceleration and increased speed. (I’m posting between coats of paint, I’ll be right back…) …5 min later.  Thanks for waiting.  Actually, it’s primer.  Paint is too sticky to spray in the same room as a laptop. The photo above shows several cool […]

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1966 Ford Falcon Van, or as the Americans call it, an Econoline!

This one comes from a Canadian, and it’s the Canadian Falcon version of the Ford Econoline.  Same machine, different trim, same potential screaming for customization and updating.  Scooby Doo goes to the arctic! It started out pretty rusty!  Many restoration projects involve heavy rust repair, so it’s […]

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’66 Lincoln Continental restoration

This beautiful 1966 Lincoln Continental comes to us from West Virginia.   It is one of the nicest, best cared for old cars that Doug Jenkins Garage has had the privilege of working on.  It has never been restored, it’s just been driven, repaired, and well cared […]

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’79 Volkswagen Restoration and Customization

OK, so I feel a little bit buggy today.  Let’s post both Volkswagen restoration projects that are going on at Doug Jenkins Garage, shall we? The ’71 Beetle restoration project I posted earlier is very cool, very original. This ’79 Volkswagen restoration project is kind of the […]

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’71 Volkswagen Beetle restoration

I love the internet.  The owner of this project and I met through the website and we’ve handled the entire job so far without a phone call.  He lives in the states but is spending a year abroad and we’re handling the entire job by email. The […]

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’67 Firebird convertible…The very first post!

Hello, hello, can you hear me?  Is this thing turned on?  OK. So thanks for looking in here to my blog.  I’ll keep you updated on all the projects going on here at Doug Jenkins Garage, and I’ll answer any questions you might have.  Do the comment […]

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