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1951 Ford Partial Restoration

This wonderful Ford restoration is another one from the unpublished archives.  What a great opportunity it was performing the restoration work on this ’51 Ford.  I’m very grateful for all the good people and interesting cars that have come through over the years.  The client has owned […]

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1965 Chevy Truck Hot Rod Restoration

Far out!  This Chevrolet truck restoration project just came to the garage for the proper hot rod treatment.  Perfect paint, custom interior, updated chassis, and a great motor.  I’m always grateful to make a new friend and get to work on their restoration project. The customer on […]

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Color Sanded, Buffed, ’57 Ford Panel Hot Rod Getting Assembled

So here we are with the ’57 Ford Hot Rod Panel Truck with the paint color sanded and buffed and getting put back together.  Depending on what kind of interesting challenges arise during final fit, this baby will go to mechanical next week and do things like […]

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’71 Beetle Restoration Getting Closer To Paint

There’s just a ton of labor that goes into this kind of project!  The last update on this project showed the car after the high-build primer had been applied.  Now it all gets sanded by hand.  The high-build primer is a polyester product that fills small imperfections […]

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’79 Volkswagen Restoration Engine Installation

Now the ’79 Beetle restoration has power.  Chrome engine goodies are nice when you can get them, and painted shrouding looks great when you can’t.  Since this is an unusual installation- a carbureted engine going into a car that was originally fuel injected, not everything is off-the-shelf. […]

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1937 GMC Flatbed Restoration

I’ll bet you think this photo looks a lot like yesterday’s post, right?  Well, it kind of is, but this hard-to-figure-out photo is of another project altogether.  This is the frame for a ’37 GMC Flatbed that is being restored here.  Like the ’41 I posted yesterday, […]

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1941 Ford Pickup Restoration

So, can you guess what this photo is of?  Simple, a whole ton of work that needs done.  These fenders and running boards are from a 1941 Ford pickup that is being restored here at the garage.  The cab and doors and hood got done a few […]

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Body Work Is Complete

This job is moving along pretty well.  The body restoration on this 1971 Volkswagen is finished, and now it’s in primer.  The next step is to block sand the primer to 320 grit, clean it up, and paint it! These photo updates don’t look much different than […]

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Seats And Steering And Fuel Tank

This week the convertible Beetle got seats rebuilt!  This is an original restoration with top quality stuff we get from Germany. Hey, what’s with the lighting?  This seat is really all black, don’t believe everything you see. Man, you gotta love new stuff you know will work […]

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And Then There Was Power!

This 302 fills the hole nicely, don’t you think?  The Econoline project is moving along towards a March delivery date. Don’t you just love clean work!  This is an automatic overdrive transmission that will really help with good highway speeds, fuel economy, lower heat, and quieter operation.

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