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Seats And Dynamat

Got a die-cut Dynamat kit.  Good news, it covers every conceivable surface.  Bad news, there are a lot of conceivable surfaces and it’s taking a ton of time!  Pretty seats, though, huh?

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Painted And Assembled

Ok, now it’s on to finish the mechanical work.

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Refurbished Radiator

Just a low quality photo of a pretty, refurbished radiator.

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Steady Progress

Well, nothing earth-shattering here, just methodical classic truck restoration…some before and after of the brake restoration work, new radiator, air cleaner,   Close-up of the master cylinder location and some nearby wiring that needs to be corrected.

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Bits And Parts And Progress

Part of the street thug look for this hot rod Malibu is Bassett racing wheel style 17″ rims with big meaty rubber.  Bassett builds the NASCAR racing wheels, and it’s an awesome  look, but wouldn’t 17″ be better than 15′?  So Stockton Wheel is custom making some […]

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’67 Hot Rod Chevy Pickup Blasted!

Any great work of art starts with a bare canvas, so here we go!  There’s some rust in the rockers and floor, and new cab corners were installed at some point in the truck’s history that will have to be re-done, but all-in-all this truck is in […]

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Paint Color Sanded, Then Buffed

After applying paint it’s time to color sand and buff.  Color sanding removes all of the orange peel in the paint and any other imperfections that may have occurred during application. Then the paint gets buffed to get that killer shine.

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Paint Going Down

Title says it, pretty simple.  Get the body perfect, primer perfect, and the paint pretty much takes care of itself.

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Exhaust And Fuel And…

OK, so maybe I’m a little too much on how cool the modified valve covers look, and ya, it’s not flattering to make a fuss about it, but here’s some more photos of the valve cover/s after removing all of the junk and grinding off the bosses […]

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1960 Chevrolet Corvette Body And Paint Restoration

I’ve had the privilege of working for the owner of this car for the last few years, and every year a few paint issues get addressed.  There was some sort of mystery buried in prior paint work that’s been rearing its ugly head here and there for […]

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