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Exhaust And Fuel And…

OK, so maybe I’m a little too much on how cool the modified valve covers look, and ya, it’s not flattering to make a fuss about it, but here’s some more photos of the valve cover/s after removing all of the junk and grinding off the bosses […]

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1960 Chevrolet Corvette Body And Paint Restoration

I’ve had the privilege of working for the owner of this car for the last few years, and every year a few paint issues get addressed.  There was some sort of mystery buried in prior paint work that’s been rearing its ugly head here and there for […]

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More Happy Trails

OK, so what’s it been, like 2 years this guy’s been driving this thing around the continent?  The Econoline was restored here at Doug Jenkins Garage just about 2 years ago and it hasn’t spent much time resting since.  He drives around like a retired guy for […]

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High Performance Duramax Engine Cleanup

A series of photos from the Nomad Duramax engine clean-up work.  The valve covers are going to be smoothed of all the mounting bosses and painted, items that were mounted on the engine that can be removed and relocated will be dealt with, and the brackets are […]

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More Priming And Block Sanding

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Some Trunk Floor, Engine Work, And A Hitch

Part of this project is making the engine fun to look at it.  Think about it, you’ve never seen a Duramax, whenever you open the hood on one of these it looks like a Toyota; nothing but wiring and hoses and stuff.  So this bad boy is […]

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Corvette In High Build Primer

Here’s a big pile of photos of the last couple of weeks…  Starting with sealing the aluminum headlight panels, applying high build primer to things, then block sanding.

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Dash And Electrical

A lot of photos of a lot of work… Heater box reinstalled after rebuilding     Heater box after being rebuilt, before installation.       Another couple of  photos as the engine compartment comes together.   Heater box, heater core installed.   Fan relays installed for […]

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Installed Brakes, Front Suspension, And More Frame Work

Cool crossmember, huh?  It has a lip to aid in the installation because this is probably the only time in the car’s life that this sucker will be viewed from the top! And here’s what it looks like before installation.   Rear brakes installed, perfect fit, looking […]

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1974 Corvette Body And Paint Restoration Continues

The rear bumper replacement is a quality piece, but a little work is needed to fit it.  Both it and the body get a little love in order to have everything look the best. This hood was purchased from a Corvette salvage outfit and is correct for […]

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