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More Details On ’74 Malibu Restoration

      Engine installed in the 1974 Malibu, awesome aluminum accessory drive ready to go. And a few views of the mill with the radiator and fans installed.   The lower window stops on the driver’s door after being repaired and reinforced.  

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Chevy Nomad Hot Rod Restoration, Mostly Frame Fabrication Work

Gotta build some engine mounts, and with a build like this there’s nothing coming to the shop in a box, it all has to be made here at Doug Jenkins Garage.   This cardboard template is mounted on the side of the engine and has dimensions and […]

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1967 Chevy Pickup Restoration Gets Under Way

So, just like building a house, the first thing you do when restoring a classic truck is dig a deep hole!  The truck is being disassembled in order to allow for complete media blasting of everything so that the work gets going with a rust free truck. […]

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1959 Ford Skyliner Paint Restoration Complete, Chrome And Stainless Complete

The paint work on the Retractable restoration job is complete now.  The work is turning out great, the kind of look that will really be a crowd pleaser.  The chrome plating is also complete, and all of the stainless polishing is done as well.  Now it’s time […]

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Fenders And Other Parts Painted, Engine Work, Stainless

Paint work on fenders and other parts are complete, engine block and crankshaft are machined, new pistons mounted on the reconditioned rods, and polished stainless trim.

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Hot Rod Malibu Work

This is waaaay to many photos, but there’s always careful documentation of all the work done here, so why not share it?

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Some more pretty pictures, just because.

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More Retractable Restoration

Primer here, then sanding, then guide coat, below, then sanding, then sanding, then paint, below that.  Each subsequent pass at sanding is with a finer grit.  The guide coat helps with seeing that all of the surface has been hit with the finer grit before moving on. […]

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Just More Of The Same Old Stuff

Problem: big engine, small hole.  Solution: Sawzall. “So Doug, did you guys have to change much to stuff that thing into that car?”  Umm, ya.  Here’s the oil pan as Chevy decided it should look for use in a pickup. In order to get the engine as […]

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Working Along

Suspension and frame got cleaned up and coated while the front end was removed. A number of new and used parts were sourced to complete this work.  This photo isn’t exciting, it’s just documentation. These are inner fender liners to replace the badly damaged ones that the […]

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