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Malibu Restoration Seatbelts

Start with a really cool Malibu restoration and then try to finish up all of the million little details that really make it right and you get to spend some serious effort on seatbelts.  You can’t get correct new ones for this model, so you get to […]

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Another Week Of Installing Front Clip

    Cutting and fitting and trimming and cutting and fitting and…

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Chevy Luv Restoration, Brakes And Suspension And Others

Front brakes taken from donor vehicle before they are restored and installed.   Restored and installed.   Rear brakes…   The parts to restore the front suspension, brakes and stuff, and the suspension before being restored.   Radiator before and after being re-cored.  This is restoration work, […]

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Doug Jenkins Garage 1960 Chevrolet Corvette Collision Restoration, Front Clip

Another full week of restoration at Doug Jenkins Garage, 1960 Corvette.   The body is mounted, shimmed, and mounts are correctly torqued.  The front clip is in place, being installed.  Engine and mechanical restoration of the Corvette is complete.                

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Doug Jenkins Garage 1956 Chevrolet Nomad Resto Mod; Frame, Paint, Stuff

The Hot Rod Nomad restoration continues at Doug Jenkins Garage. Custom axle welded up, blasted, ready for paint.   Axle, differential, suspension painted gloss black at Doug Jenkins Garage.  Frame will be satin black for contrast.     Nomad frame restoration and customization is complete, media blasted, […]

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Classic Chevy Luv Truck Restoration At Doug Jenkins Garage

    Here’s a front view of the Chevrolet Luv restoration at Doug Jenkins Garage before much of the disassembly was complete.  As of today the truck is completely disassembled, engine out, trim and glass and interior removed and it’s being pressure washed underneath in preparation of […]

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Doug Jenkins Garage Chevy Luv Pickup Restoration

OK, here goes another new one.  Customer in Georgia wants the Chevy Luv restored that his grandpa bought new.  No problem.  We pick the truck up at his farm, bring it back too the shop, and the restoration begins at Doug Jenkins Garage. This fuel tank is […]

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1974 Chevy Malibu Restoration At Doug Jenkins Garage

New steering wheel installed as part of the restoration at Doug Jenkins Garage, dash complete, custom made white face gauges. New vent controls, fully fuctional. Interior restoration at Doug Jenkins Garage nearly complete: only needs seatbelts, headlight switch and knob, and rearview mirror.  ’74 Malibus were common […]

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Doug Jenkins Garage Trim Restoration

Doug Jenkins Garage Ford Skyliner Trim Restoration.  Sail panel pieces restored, black pinstriping done.   Headlight buckets, before and after restoration, with new wiring harnesses, at Doug Jenkins Garage.   “Top” warning light lens, before and after.  This is just another example of a piece that is […]

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Doug Jenkins Garage ’59 Ford Retractable Restoration

Wiring is being installed, AC compressor is restored, detailed, and installed, all new glass is installed with new weatherstrip, rubber seals, window motors and switches.  Wind wings are rebuilt and plated.  “500” emblem on the rear is polished and being anodized…also shown is one of the numbers […]

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