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Custom Body And Paint Restoration 1967 Chevy Pickup

Replacing some body panels that were too rusty when restoring this 1967 Chevy Hot Rod pickup.  The cab corner replacement gets pop riveted into place for fitting, the rivets are removed after the panels are welded.

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Minor Restoration Work to do on 1956 Chevy Nomad

This beauty just came in from California for some minor restoration work and final fit and finish.

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1970 Camaro Body And Paint Restoration, Beginning With The Floor

Every Camaro restoration starts somewhere and this one starts with floor replacement.

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1955 Custom Classic Chevy Restoration LS 3 Engine Upgrade

OK, now you really get a look behind the curtain.  The LS 3 install required some, uh, firewall modifications.  The most cost-effective and ultimately great looking solution: shape the firewall as the engine goes in.  Lower it in place, see where it touches, lift the motor out […]

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1975 Chevy Luv Restoration

Wiring harness coming together.  Parking brake cable, brake lines, hoses, speedo cable restored.  Fuel tank restored and installed, plumbing coming together.  Grill and headlight doors looking awesome after a ton of work.

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1932 Hot Rod Chevy Body and Paint Restoration/Collision Repair

Laying out the flames, color sanding, assembly.  Easy!  

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1955 Chevy Hot Rod Restoration Paint Details

After this classic 1955 Chevy gets painted we sand it!  You know, the hand-rubbed look, perfectly flat, no orange peel or dirt.  Then it gets polished and assembled.

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Chevrolet Classic 1975 Luv Pickup Restoration

This post is full of exhausting details to show a little bit of what goes into restoring a classic Chevy Luv pickup. Little things a guy might not think about, like the front bumper.  We clean and coat the back side to prevent corrosion.  If we don’t […]

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1975 Chevrolet Luv Pickup Restoration; Some Reassembly Work

After the body and paint restoration is complete on this ’75 Chevy Luv pickup is complete there’s a lot of reassembly work to be done.  This is turning out to be more work than we expected.  The photos at the end of this post show a few […]

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1932 Chevy Hot Rod Body And Paint Restoration Work

Front body Panels for the collision repair work for this ’32 Chevy Hot Rod.  The new fiberglass panels fit OK, but we like a perfect fit better!  All it takes is time and care.  Below photos show the pieces after having been worked, primed and block sanded. […]

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