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Some more pretty pictures, just because.

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OK, Some More Little Things To Make It More Cooler

The interior of this hot rod pickup has evolved.  The original plan was for seat upgrade only, and now it’s moved ahead a little.  The new seats expose more of the cab back than was attractive, so it got dressed up. This photo shows the finished deal, […]

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’53 Chevy Hot Rod Truck Done

'53 Chevy Truck Restoration 3 '53 Chevy Truck Restoration 1 '53 Chevy Truck Restoration 4 '53 Chevy Truck Restoration 5 '53 Chevy Truck Restoration 7 '53 Chevy Truck Restoration 8Read more

Finishing Some Details

This hot rod pickup is getting a subtle look: satin, not stock, some cool period upgrades, some hot rod upgrades…like painting the dash matte black and installing a Moon tach. Here’s another view; totally working gauges, Moon tach, Billet Specialties steering wheel, matte finish dash, OE heater […]

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A few last details are finished here and the transmission crossmember is done.  As with most hot rod work, this piece can’t be purchased, so a universal one is purchased that is sort of right and  it gets modified so that it’s perfect. And here it is […]

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Let’s Get Beautiful!

Ain’t this gorgeous!   Everything well thought out, everything completely functional, everything well executed, everything simple and just wonderful! Somewhat more subdued than the photo above no less beautiful.  The owner of this truck lives in a place where winter last more than a week or two, […]

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Vent, Seat, Shocks, And A Crapectomy

Turns out there was a bunch of crap wiring under the dash, so a crapectomy was performed.  Bigger jobs at Doug Jenkins Garage get classified as major and partial restorations. Partial restorations are really tough; when do you stop?  Well, rats, a mess like this has to […]

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Gotta Have A Place To Sit! And Other Stuff

OK, here’s a seat.  Customer chose Audi Allroad leather seats with heat.  Why not!  He has owned Allroads before and like them.  The driver seat had some damaged trim and mounting when it got here, and that got fixed. This is the stock Audi seat tracks as […]

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Some Heavy Lifting, Some Light Lifting, 1953 Chevy Hot Rod Pickup

The work done last week isn’t much to photograph, so here’s some text: Staple felt wiper strips to window frames and install frames / test headlights / install halogen lights / Remove left door, glue on weatherstrip / remove air vent and glue on seal / Paint […]

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Wiring, Trim, Fabrication, Assembly Details On ’53 Chevy Hot Rod Pickup Job

OK, here’s a short list of this week’s work: Remove old and install newgas tank / Install and wire fuel sending unit / Paint filler neck / Install missing bolts in upper door hinges / Design custom seat mounts / Install door glass, complete vent windows install, […]

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